Monday, 27 April 2015

How To Style: Black White And Grey

As the seasons change, and it starts to get cooler over here in New Zealand, I start to rely on these three basic colours as the base of most of my outfits. They work well in monochromatic styles, all together and with pops of colour making them super versatile.

Here are a few of my favorite ways of styling these colours:

Black Base.
Black is such a easy colour to wear. Super slimming, easy to wear, and suits everyone's colouring. I love this look with black skinny jeans, open back blouse, felt hat with an oversized grey and white sweater for when it gets chilly. Really casual for a late lunch with friends, or even wear it to the office!

Black and White.
Love this casual look that incorporates one of my favorite things... sneakers. Anything that's stylish, but comfortable is a winner in my book! This simple white shirt, tucked into a black leather-look asymmetric skirt with black and white sneakers and big round sunglasses is the perfect, throw-together look for lunch out, or running errands.

Grey Monochrome.
Love this comfortable but stylish look of all-grey. The slouchy high neck sleeveless top tucked into matching grey wide legged pants is taking the term 'separates' to a new level! Perfect for going out to dinner, or a dressy event. Love it paired with the chunky tan heels and bright red lip to break it up a bit.

Hope this has given you a bit of inspiration for styling those neutral pieces together!

Elise xo

(images not mine unless otherwise specified)

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Street Style

Hi everyone, hope you've all been well.

The craziness of the past few months has been insane and what with lacking in inspiration and in time, I have put off  writing up a post.
But nevertheless, I'm back again after a long hiatus, here to share some of my favorite street styles of the moment.

Tweed Coats
A long-time favorite of mine, I'm so glad to see the tweed coat coming back in. This classic cut is sleek and comfortable, making it so easy to wear. I love it paired with this classic chambray and black jeans.

Blanket Capes

With the weather currently transitioning into fall (in New Zealand), i am loving this really easy, throw over blanket cape. So easy to wear and super comfortable, not to mention stylish, worn with leggings or skinny jeans and a t shirt it instantly becomes a trans-seasonal outfit.


Another classic print, I love this outfit of a simple tartan skirt and boxy white shirt. Really easy to wear as a flannel tied around your waist with a white tee and skinny jeans, or as a coat over an all black outfit. It gives a cozy, almost lumberjack feel which I love.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my favorite street styles at the moment as we transition to slightly colder weather.
Till next time,

Elise xo