Thursday, 4 June 2015

Street Style

Hi everyone,

With Fashion Weeks coming up, street style post are going to become a more frequent occurrence on my blog as my mind will be overflowing with all the inspiration. Here are a few of my favorites as of late,

Dresses and sneakers. Love incorporating something so casual and super comfortable with a girly dress. I love the pretty silhouette and peplum aspect this midi dress has, and the black and white accessories that toughen up the ensemble.

Graphic sweaters and lots of white. Who says you cant wear all white? With a few little pops of colour (red handbag and lippy) theres nothing saying you cant. Love the addition of oversized sunnies and subtle print on the skirt.

Always a fan of the oversized coat and a bit of tartan, paired with a simple white shirt, this cozy, classic look is perfect for cooler weather.

Get excited for more stylish posts to come! May even introduce a new feature on the blog in the coming weeks... stay tuned!

Elise xo

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