Monday, 24 November 2014

A Few Faves

Hi everybody!
Back again to share some of my favorites from the month of November! 

In love with these beautiful tailored trousers. Slightly textured, these would be perfect for work/business attire and could easily transition for going-out wear. Purchase here.

With the holidays just around the corner, this Caramel Apple Trifle looks like the perfect way to finish off my Thanksgiving dinner!

I love these fold over clutches. Really simple and complements any outfit, as well as being able to hold everything you need (which in my case is quite a lot)! Purchase here.

If you're not excited about your life, change it. Be passionate in everything you do, and you'll live a fulfilled life, with no regrets, and make so many memories worth remembering.

Enjoy the rest of November, Christmas is on the way!

Elise xo

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Hi everyone!

I wanted to post something a little different today. More of a lifestyle post really. Lately I've been thinking a lot about my future, as I'm coming up to the end of my second to last year of high school, and its been quite a stressful time as I've been trying to figure out subject choices for next year, what I want to do at university etc. And with speaking to guidance and careers counselors, I have been deciding what path I want to take in life. 

I have always loved fashion, from as young as four or five I have loved putting on fashion shows in my room with my twin sister and myself, dressing up all my stuffed animals and styling outfits. As I got older I would sketch pictures of dresses in my diaries and flip through all my mum's magazines looking at all the clothes celebrities wore. But I never felt like the fashion world would be a career path I'd ever enter into. I guess it had never really crossed my mind back then.

Everyone I'm sure has been asked the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?", as a child I would answer silly things like, "A princess!" or the typical (after I'd started school) "A teacher!". But as I was growing up, and starting to try and think seriously about it, I could never come up with anything. In my head I would always be thinking about becoming a fashion designer, but coming from a small country not very well known in the fashion world, apart from maybe supermodel Rachel Hunter (who was married to Rod Stewart for a short time period), I never thought that as being a "solid career choice"). My siblings were coming up with things like lawyers and doctors, and I didn't feel like I was good enough.

After I got through intermediate school (middle school for all you Americans!) and began high school, that was when I really started thinking about it becoming a possibility. I took up sewing classes in school, began to take art subjects including photography, and started thinking about it in a serious way. As I said in my "The Backstory: Primp and Wanderlust" post, I shared my dreams of becoming a stylist with a teacher, who told me it was not at all an unrealistic dream and that I should write a blog. I then started to look into university options and talked with people about how to make this dream become a reality.
So I still have a way to go, with finishing school and then starting my degree, but now that I feel like I have a real purpose and a goal, I can't wait to see how life pans out. Having dreams are important, and following them through is even more so. Do something you're passionate about, I can promise you'll feel better for it.

Elise xo

Saturday, 20 September 2014

How To Style: White Tops

A gorgeous fresh white is the perfect year round color. It goes with everything and can be worn as in various ways. Pants, shorts, skirts, jackets and of course the classic white tee.
Here I'm going to show you a few ways of wearing this color on top, textured, layered, casual or dressy. The white top is so versatile and easy to wear throughout the seasons. 
Here are a few of my favorite ways of styling white tops:

I love black and white. Such a great statement making color combination without being too overwhelming. I love this textured short sleeve sweater. Adds a lot of depth in such a simple piece. Paired with black skinny jeans, booties and some sunnies, this is a great outfit for everyday wear. Can easily be dressed up with some black pointed toe heels and a statement gold necklace.

Dressy Casual
I love this eyelet white tee shirt. A fun alternative to your classic staple.Tucked into some black short and topped off with a black felt hat, this is a look i would wear out to lunch with friends. Switch out the black shorts for a floral skirt to add some color and mix patterns in a subtle way. Amanda Seyfried wore this gorgeous Valentino dress which emulates this style.

This simple white v-neck tee with ripped skinny jeans is given a masculine look with this oversized striped blazer. Gives your simple "James Dean" classic look a new vibe. Perfect for casual workwear or afternoon coffee runs.

Hope you've enjoyed these few ways of styling a white top.

Elise xo

Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Few Faves

Here are a few of my favorites from this month

This Longline Blazer is a different twist on the classic blazer. Definitely a style I've been loving! Purchase here.

Bliss Balls
I have been obsessed with these little treats recently. So simple to make and so good for you! Gluten free, dairy free, vegan, these are good for just about anyone! You can put in so many different ingredients but these Pecan Pie Bliss Balls look like the perfect sweet treat as pie season comes upon my friends in the states (I would enjoy these anytime of year!)

This half bun and beach wave hairstyle is super cute! Especially now with my hair being shorter, and not always able to go up a ponytail without half of it falling out, this half bun is the perfect solution. Not only is it cute, but super practical to keep hair out of my face.

Saw this a little while ago and it really resonated with me. You do you. As long as you like who you are, it doesn't matter if other people do or not. Live your life for you, not anybody else.

Hope you enjoyed checking out a few of my faves. Have a great day!

Elise xo

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

How To Style: Black Leather Jackets

A good leather jacket should be a wardrobe staple. It definitely is in mine! Its the perfect piece to add a little edge to any outfit. Here are a few of my favorite ways of styling them.

The classic stripe. 
I love layering a leather jacket over a good Breton striped t-shirt or sweater. Paired with some jeans and converse, this is one of my go-to casual outfits for a weekend lunch with friends.

Edgy Bohemian.
I love wearing maxi skirts, they are like harem pants, but more free-ing. I especially love making this girly silhouette more tough and by adding a leather jacket, black booties, and a studded handbag, this is a great fall outfit which looks put together, but still comfortable.
Check out my How to Style: Maxi Skirts post here

Black and White Simplicity.
I love Ashley Olsen in this simple white dress, black leather jacket and black peep toes. Great evening outfit with a gold cuff, perfect for a dinner date. Still dressy, but toned down with the pushed-up sleeves on the jacket.

These are just a couple of ways I like to style leather jackets (real or faux) for various occasions ranging from dressy to casual. Hope you've gotten a little inspiration on how to style this must-have wardrobe staple!

Elise xo


Monday, 8 September 2014

Street Style

Hope everyone has been doing well!
I have decided to start a new little feature on the blog, showcasing street styles! These are my favorite types of outfits because it allows you to add a little personal flair to your outfits while still keeping it trendy. Here are my faves from around New York Fashion Week this year. Enjoy!

I have been loving the look of patterned separates lately. Its edgy yet classy all at the same time with that little peek of skin showing around the midriff either with high-waisted shorts, skirt or pants and a cropped top, this is the perfect outfit. I especially love the monochromatic theme of this one, and the little black booties, blue purse and sunglasses add a cool vibe to the overall look.

Shift Dresses
I've always been a big fan of the shift dress, I think its great for so many body types, its easy to dress up or down, and it looks so chic, like you put in a lot of effort. I love the high neck of this one, and the subtle pleating at the bottom along with the touches of color injected in the shoes and lippy. Gorgeously simple.  

Mixing Patterns
Ah Anna Dello Russo... the street style legend. Always a little daring, she manages to pull off very manic outfits, that most of us could only dream of wearing! I love the gentle, girly, floral print dress with the big white collar and black bow detail, paired with red tartan jacket, and tough biker boots. 

These are a couple of my current favorite street style looks, hope it gives you a little inspiration as we go into a new season!

Elise xo

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A Few Faves

Hi everyone!
Back again to share a few of my favorite things with you all!

Risotto has been a real go-to comfort food recently. This Chicken Risotto looks delish! 

Always a fan of the Midi-Skirt, this Woven Midi-Skirt in Crepe from ASOS is gorgeous! A must have trans-seasonal piece.

Having recently cut my hair this length, I've been loving the tousled and textured look. An easy hairstyle that takes minutes!

Last but not least, RIP to the wonderful Robin Williams, someone who brought laughter and happiness to many. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous day.

Elise xo

Thursday, 14 August 2014

August Fashion Faves

Hi guys!
Long time no see! Things have been so hectic over the past few months with starting back at school after a busy two week holiday and I've been neglecting this blog a bit! I decided what better way to come back than with a monthly favorites! Here we go!

Girly mixed with Grunge
I love the idea of of mixing different styles together. The gorgeously feminine black pleated midi skirt (which you all know i love) paired with a slouchy grey muscle tee and causal slip-on sneakers is the perfect day look for going out to lunch with friends, a cute casual date or a trip to the grocery store!

Mom Jeans
I love that these have come back into style! So much more comfortable than the classic skinny jean, really casual and can be worn dressed up with a pair of fun heels and a silk blouse or dressed down with some converse and a roughed up graphic tee, Purchase here

Patterned Pants
These pants are great to dress up a casual tee and pumps. So many styles are available to take you through the seasons and are great to spice up a work outfit with a basic blazer, a fun afternoon or evening date with just a quick shoe and jacket change! This would have to be my favorite piece this month.

Hope you enjoyed this months faves!
Elise xo

Friday, 11 July 2014

July Fashion Faves

Hope everyone has been having a great month so far! Its still a little early, but here are some of my current fashion favorites for July. Enjoy!

T-Shirt Dresses
The perfect staple item that i have been seeing around so much recently. Perfect for any season (depending on where you are in the world) as they are great on their own for the more summery months, and easy to layer with tights and a jacket for autumn/winter. Such a classic, simple clothing item which suits every body type. 

Another great piece that can be styled to suit the season. I love pairing it as above, with a great leather jacket to add some structure to the skirts delicate silhouette. Also great with a casual tank top tucked in and a cardigan and sandals for early spring or those cooler summer evenings. Love that the Midi-Skirt has come back into style, a nod to the 1940's after the flop in the 70's when they tried to give the now loved Midi a comeback.

Bright Sneakers
These fluorescent pink Nike's add a fun element to a very monochromatic outfit that is not only comfortable, but stylish. This style of wearing sneakers with outfits other than workout clothing has been seen around quite a lot over the last year, including on fashion designer Alexander Wang's niece Aila!

Hope you have enjoyed seeing a few of my fashion favorites from this month! 
Have a wonderful day!

Elise xo

Saturday, 5 July 2014

How to Style: Blazers

I love blazers. They add a touch of sophistication to a simple jeans and tee shirt, and can tone down a cocktail dress. They are so versatile and are, in my opinion, a must-have in every woman's closet. Here are some of my favorite ways of styling blazers:

Casual Sophistication
By adding this simple black blazer to a basic tee shirt, tucked into ripped denim it gives this outfit a more structured look, while keeping it casual. With simple white converse, a few bangles and a black bag this outfit would be perfect for a casual date, or lunch with friends.

Simple Elegance
This outfit would be perfect for a simple evening date or a casual work outfit. A simple white blazer, graphic tee, black jeans and sparkly ballet flats, paired with a big statement necklace and black tote makes this the perfect balance of simplicity and elegance.

Dressing it up
By pairing your blazer with a cocktail dress (whether it be a slip dress, shift style, anything) and heels it makes this a perfect look for events where you need to be dressed up, but by still keeping it simple and tailored. Perfect for weddings, dinner dates and parties. This would have to be my favorite way of wearing blazers and i have definitely worn this type of look to many events.

Extra notes:
Try different patterns, floral, stripes etc. Makes a simple outfit have more depth.
Belting your blazer or cuffing it can change the look entirely, play around with the silhouette!

So those are just a few  of my favorite ways of styling the classic blazer. Hope this has given you some inspiration. Have a great day!

Elise xo

(pictures not mine unless otherwise specified)

Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Backstory: Primp and Wanderlust

Hi everybody,

I don't know how many people actually read this blog, but if you are here, welcome! I created this blog late August of 2013, and since then I've really done little with it. But I have decided I'm going to start getting back into things over here on Primp and Wanderlust! 

Here's a bit of a back story behind the blog:
So I'm just your classic teenage girl, just beginning to find out who I am. I (like many other young girls) have always wanted to do something within the fashion industry and for the longest time I have thought about starting up a blog, just to share my thoughts about style and other various things to do with fashion. I can spend hours in my room just styling outfits, flicking through fashion magazines, creating mood boards and trawling the internet for style inspiration. Ever since I can remember it's been a mild obsession to say in the least. When trying to come up with a name for this blog, I was trying to think of things that I loved, which are getting dressed up and learning about and travelling to other countries. So that is how I got 'Primp' and 'Wanderlust'.

One of teachers asked me this year what I wanted to be, and I said to him, "Well, my dreams are a little unrealistic, and I don't think I'd ever make it, but I'd love to become a stylist." he said to me, "Why do you think that's an unrealistic dream? You can do anything if you are passionate enough, you just have to get a little inspiration, why don't you start a blog?". So here I am. We're starting up again. I'm a sixteen year old student in little old New Zealand (A place i like to call 'Narnia' since nobody knows where we are), in love with fashion, good food, photography and has dreams of travelling the world. That's me in a nutshell.

Hope you'll join me on this journey as I delve into the world of blogging, sharing posts about fashion, life and loves.

Elise xo

A Few Faves

Hi everyone!
I hope you've all had great weeks and are excited for the weekend!
I just wanted to quickly share with you a few of my favorite things at the moment. Enjoy!

Simple Heels
 I love basic heels in neutral colors as they are so versatile and easy to wear.
Click here to purchase

These would have to be one of my all-time favorite flowers. I love how they have such a subtle fragrance and they are really delicate looking.

I love a good salad! This Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad looks delicious, a definite recipe I want to try in the near future.

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and i love it. Reminds me to appreciate the little things.

Hope you all make the most of your weekend! 

Elise xo

(Not my pictures unless otherwise specified)

Saturday, 21 June 2014

How to Style: Maxi Skirts

Hi everybody!
I have been loving maxi skirts a lot over the recent months. They are so forgiving, no matter what your shape, they can be worn dressy or casual and work no matter the season. Here are a few of my favorite ways of styling them:

Slouchy and Casual
This is my favorite way of wearing maxi skirts. A casual cotton blend skirt paired with a slouchy tee, sandals or converse and simple, delicate jewellery. Perfect for a lazy day at home, a casual lunch with friends or the grocery run.
Extra Note:
Throw on a leather jacket and black booties for an edgier look.

Comfy Girly
Perfect for the crisp early springtime or early autumn, a cozy neutral cropped sweater with a floaty pale floral skirt and little brown booties. Love this look for a cute afternoon date, or for out shopping with friends.

Dressy Glam
I love love love this look. I love the gorgeous emerald green maxi skirt, its voluminous yet flattering. Paired with a long sleeve cropped tee, big statement necklace and a dark lip, its perfect for a late event, such as a evening wedding or holiday party.

Extra Notes:
Play with different fabrics to achieve different styles. Try tulle for a really feminine look or a stretch knit for a casual vibe.

Hope you get some inspiration on how to include the maxi skirt into your own wardrobe.
Elise xo

(Pictures not my own unless otherwise specified) 

Friday, 20 June 2014

June Fashion Faves

Hi everybody!
Since the weather is getting a bit chillier here in little old New Zealand, I've been liking these trans-seasonal styles that help me transition between seasons. 

I've been loving simple layering a lot recently. It's the easiest way to still look cute while keeping warm. I love the slightly cropped sweater which shows off the crisp white shirt, paired with simple black skinny jeans, black bag and gold jewelry.

Back to basics
That classic James Dean look is still as present as ever. You can never go wrong with a simple white tee and blue jeans. Some neutral toned flats and bag finish off the look. With these basics its easy to dress it up or down, add a statement necklace and some fun bright wedges for a lunch date, or with some classic converse and a khaki jacket for a touch of casual.

I have just done a post on how to style horizontal stripes, click here to check it out. When the months get colder we tend to stick to a block colour palette of black, grey, navy etc. I love wearing stripes to give a little more depth to an otherwise plain outfit. This striped sweater is paired with some tough black leather pants, black booties, grey scarf and big statement earrings for a casual yet still clean feel.

Hope you have enjoyed a few of my fashion favorites for the month.
Have a wonderful day!

Elise xo

(Pictures not my own unless otherwise specified)

Sunday, 9 February 2014

How To Style: Vertical Stripes

My biggest dilemma when it come to my wardrobe, is how to wear horizontally striped tops. From long sleeved boat-necks, to baggy sweaters and the classic tee, stripes are everywhere! 
Horizontal stripes aren't always the most forgiving, but hopefully I can shed some light on easy ways to pair your striped shirts, and show you that they aren't really that scary!

Add a statement necklace.
By adding a nice chunky necklace it helps to break up the harsh stripes and give some depth to the look, as well as bringing the look from casual to glam instantly.

Tuck it into high-waisted pants or skirts.
This minimizes the amount of stripes shown to prevent you from looking too wide while cutting it at the waist helps to accentuate.

Pair it with a long maxi skirt.
This helps to elongate the legs making you look taller and longer to evenly balance out the horizontal stripes.

Extra notes:
Mix prints! Pair your stripy top with a cute floral skirt.
Wear under solid block colored coats or a black leather jacket for the winter.
Baggier striped tops look best with skinny jeans or leggings to balance out the boxy top half.

These are some of my main tips for wearing horizontal stripes. Hope this gives you a bit of inspiration!

Elise xo

(Pictures not my own unless otherwise specified)

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!
Wishing you all a very happy 2014. I hope it will be everything you want it will be.

Elise xo