Monday, 14 December 2015

The Life of a Fashion Intern - Pt.3

I found this old post in my draft box that never made it out. It's a little old, but I figured I should just post it anyway. Enjoy!

Hey everyone,

As I've been doing this internship, I have learnt a lot about myself, and about being in a "work" environment. Being in my last year of high school, I know that next year, as I start university, and working more regularly, getting the opportunity to spend one full day a week, pulling a 9-5 has made me realise what the real world is like.
No more sleep ins, or just skipping the odd class or two. When you work, you have to show up, stand up and pull your weight. Some mornings I would lay in bed thinking to myself, "Should I just call in sick?". But as an adult, you can't that easily pull a sickie every day.

I realised that starting from the bottom is hard, but necessary. Doing the heavy lifting and those odd jobs that you think are silly are really not that bad. Because every little bit counts.  And those who have gotten somewhere also had to start somewhere. And this is where I'm starting.

To not even be out of high school yet, but to already have a job working in retail and have done an internship with a high level fashion designer, already puts me above where I thought I would be at.

I know that I for sure want to be in this industry, and through this internship experience I've figured out what area I want to be in. I know what I like, and what I don't, what it takes, and what I've got to give. I may need a bit more time to be 100% confident in my choice to pursue a career in this industry, but it's where I want to be.

Elise xo

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