Friday, 28 August 2015

The Life of a Fashion Intern

Hi everyone,

So just last week I got a part-time internship with a top NZ designer.
I thought I would start sharing a few things I pick up on during my time.

1. You've got to be prepared to start from the bottom.
You've got to start somewhere right? Whether it means sweeping or vacuuming, coffee runs, making up boxes for packaging and generally doing a lot of more manual labour type tasks, they love someone who is competent and willing.

2. Always be polite.
No matter who you're talking to. Whether it be the designer her or himself, your supervisor, the receptionist or even other interns. Good manners will take you far.

3. Do your research.
Before you start your internship, or before an interview for the position, make sure you know the brand. What their style is, the type of demographic it serves, the collections they have etc. Knowledge is power and they're sure to be impressed if you are a fan of the brand and what they stand for.

The best part about working in this industry are the clothes you see, the people you meet and the opportunities you get. It can be a lot of fun, and sometimes its just what you expect to be involved in when you think or being a "fashion intern". For instance, in the designer's building I work in (just downstairs from the designer's studio) the office and workroom girls do yoga every Monday during the lunch break! And there are endless green smoothies and salads being eaten in the staffroom. Also, as a word to the wise, wear comfortable footwear! Or at least bring flats with you, because you will no doubt be on your feet a lot. And unless you practise wearing heels 6+ hours a day, flat shoes are the way to go. Fashion is such a fun industry, and I'm hoping this opens a lot of doors for me in the future.

Elise xo

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